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You worked hard to obtain your CDLs. Don't let a failed drug screen discourage you.
The DOT SAP or NRC SAE program is the first step to return to duty.

For your convenience, ALL Evaluations are done ONLINE! 
All you need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer (with a camera)!

Deauna Froneberger is a licensed clinical mental health and addictions counselor. She is a trained and certified DOT SAP and NRC SAE.

It's never been easier to get started. Request an appointment today! 

No need to travel to an office, everything is done VIRTUALLY! Get started today!

Request an appointment or more information by email

To find out more, please complete the information below

What is the DOT SAP process?

Complete the appointment request form or email 

 If you are an FMCSA Driver, make sure you are registered in the Clearinghouse. Then search for Deauna Froneberger to add me as your SAP.

You will receive a call and/or email to confirm your request, and to book an appointment. You may also book online!

You will be responsible for attending two appointments and complying with my recommendations for either an education or treatment program. 

Your initial evaluation is your first virtual appointment. You will participate in a  comprehensive clinical interview. Learn more about what this is by clicking here.

Based on your interview, I will provide my clinical recommendation* of either an education program or a treatment program.

*You are required to complete and comply with my recommendations even if there is no clinical diagnosis as required by the regulations.

Your final evaluation is the second virtual appointment and is scheduled when you complete your treatment plan. 

I will determine if you have complied with my recommendations.-

You are expected to fully discuss your experience and discuss what you have gained from the program. 

-I will determine if you are eligible for return-to-duty testing to return to your safety-sensitive position.

-Your follow-up testing plan will be discussed.

Your return to duty drug test must be ordered by an employer, and you must pass to be eligible to drive!

How much does this cost??

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