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I am a licensed clinical mental health and addictions counselor in the Charlotte area. I also provide services virtually! I provide quality behavioral health services to assist with meeting your unique goals. You have two options: Cash Pay and Insurance.

I am dedicated to providing mental health and behavioral health services to underserved populations -


I accept NC Medicaid Standard Plan and Tailored Plans, UHC/Optum Behavioral Health and EAP, Magellan,  providing mental health and substance use disorders counseling

For a unique and individualized experience, you will pay, $200 for your assessment AND your first session. 

THEN, continue a monthly $175 membership, which includes 2 therapy sessions per month! Need more support? You can opt for weekly sessions at $350 per month


Cash pay is beneficial because you do not have to go through the daunting process of insurance claims. Insurance REQUIRES a diagnosis in order for the service to be reimbursed. A diagnosis will be a part of your clinical record. This also means that the insurance company directs your treatment, the number of sessions you may have, and may request documentation of your sessions! Most often, deductibles need to be met before your plan begins coverage.

In a cash-only setting, your clinician will be available to meet your unique needs. Your clinician will be able to spend more time assisting you with your goals, and the treatment plan. 

BONUS #1: You will also gain exclusive access to the mental health e-course, and 1 additional self-help/personal development course, and a number of e-books, and webinars as a member of our @selfhelpboss academy, exclusively for members.

BONUS #2: Need to connect with your therapist outside of your appointment? Text your therapist in our exclusive app for additional support.

BONUS #3: Gain exclusive access to our member support site (coming soon), so you can learn what's working for others with similar goals as you.

We do accept some insurance plans, so if that's your preference, it can be accommodated.

My Story

My experience is unmatched. I’m here reframe your thoughts around self-confidence, self-discipline, mental wellness, self-love and more.

Yes, I know my stuff! And throughout our time, whether you see me or one of my clinicians for counseling services, you attend a webinar or complete a course, you will develop the tools and confidence to take action on your personal and behavioral health goals. When you become a cash-paying client, you have access to my tools and resources as a clinician and coach. You will gain access to the @selfhelpboss Academy, and my way of teaching is to empower you in becoming the BOSS you want to be. You are unique and so the content you read should be too. Your therapeutic experience should be tailored to your needs. 


I don’t follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’. I use my experience, training, and education to enhance your learning as you work towards your goals. If you want to live a confident, powerful, self-enhanced life, then you have arrived at the right place! Counseling and personal development go hand and hand, and I'm excited to offer this innovative experience to my cash paying clients turned @selfhelpboss Academy members.


If you feel you need a boost every now and then because you feel grounded and do not need clinical therapy, there is a way to create achieve the success you need through personal development and self-help resources I create for your needs.

Unique packages are designed to meet your personal goals!


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